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Talk to the customer in their comfortable language. Find out which language they will be comfortable and then start talking in their language. In this way, a customer will be able to express freely what exactly their problem is and also will be able to express their feelings. You will get key insights about the problem which will help in resolving the issue in the right and easier way. If you communicate in a language they don’t understand then it will always be a one-end conversation and the important message which need to be conveyed may not be conveyed to the customers. Also forcing the customer to explain the problem in a language which they are not comfortable with may end in a misleading information and will jeopardize the resolution process.

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FAASTHELP has many features where you and your customers can just log, chat and search for self-help, email alerts and track their issues and all these features are bundled in a single button and integrate into your business application in less than a minute without disturbing any other functions.Add unlimited Agents/employees to support your business with no additional cost.So make your customers happy by just logging on to www.faasthelp.com

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