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best support software

The following are five tools that companies can use to effectively solve customer problems.

SaaS Application:

It is inevitable for the Fintech industries to use a SaaS application for their customer support. By using this the customer can track their complaints easily. Nowadays the SaaS applications which are available in the market which comprises of wide range of features that are beneficial for the customer support for the organization. 

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Email or Messaging System: 

Fintech is focused on a customer’s financial transactions and investment, offering a secure, reliable and easy way to get in touch about transactions and funds is absolutely essential. Though some systems route customers or users to an email form, other companies have taken a more thoughtful approach by creating an in-product messaging system to hold communications between a customer and the organization.

Customer Forum: 

some customer support requests are specific, financial technology teams still get heaps of requests about bugs, features and simply how to use the product or service. In these instances, using forum software can help scale help by allowing the community to chime in first, Just like in any industry, the chain of answers and Frequently asked questions that receive great responses can help provide a necessary support for the customers in need.

Knowledge Base: 

A successful knowledge base acts as a more robust and helpful version of the standard FAQs by providing rich help content that might range from screenshots and imagery to video. Much like a forum, a knowledge base can be a useful way for customers or users to get support for more general issues before reaching out about a niche problem.

Telephone Support: 

Though some industries or consumer tech products have been able to do away with phone support entirely, many financial technology companies still offer phone support because of the nature of support requests. Fintech organizations contact information prominently once a customer has logged in, on the site footer or on a support page while others wait to display it until a customer has reached a certain point in the support flow.

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