To integrate subscriber ticketing in to your system download Roctik developer SDK from Evayadesk homepage.

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Step 1:

Download developer SDK link can be found in the home page of the Evayadesk. Download SDK Button of the evayadesk homepage.


Step 2:

Open the downloaded zip file you can find Web SDK and Android SDK. You can see the folder structure as follows


Step 3:

To integrate subscriber ticketing page in to a SDK, we can see files in the SDK folder all we have to do is to modify subscriberticket.php


Step 4:

Open subscribercreateticket.php file. The couple of lines we need to modify are the API keys and subscriber ID.

<? php

$apikey = '’;

$subscriberid = ”;


Step 5:

Replace the API keys and subscriber ID strings with your company key and your subscriber ID as shown below in red color

<? php

$apikey = '’;

$subscriberid = ”;


Step 6:

If you wish to customize the header and the footer here is what you have to do.

Step 7:

If you already have header and the footer replace header.php and footer.php with your files names.

Step 8:

If you do not have header and footer then insert the HTML code as shown and replace evayadesk with your company name.

Your Company Name

Step 9:

Now all code changes are done, just include all the three files in your apps server in the right places. If your java script location is different from php files you just need to correct the JavaScript path as shown below.


Step 10:

Invoke Subscribercreateticket.php from your application and you are integrated with your web application.