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There will be situations when customer asked for a product or service you don’t offer, or the item is out of stock indefinitely, or the customer made an unreasonable demand, or perhaps the customer asked you to do something unethical. For these cases, you need to say “no” to them. Instead of using the word, these are the approach which will make the relationship stronger with the customer and the organization.

Listen to customers request with attention

Pay more attention to the customer’s request and acknowledge them with the words like “I do understand”, “I can feel the pain”, which will make them feel like you are concerned with their request.

Use positive language and politely decline with gratitude

Keep a friendly facial expression and act with confidence and maintain your positive attitude by focusing on what you can do rather than on what you can’t do. Use phrases of regret, such as, “I’m sorry”, “I wish I could help” etc. This eases the pain due to the rejection of their request.

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Offer the best alternatives

Try to help the customer with the best alternative to fulfill their request. A diplomatic way to turn away a customer is by suggesting alternative providers who may offer the exact service they are looking for. This type of approach is received by many customers because you are still going out of your way to help them. Alternatives could be anything like “you can wait till one more day” “can use alternative solution” etc.

Ask customers to step into your shoes

Empathy is key here. If they understand where your company is and where you are, they will understand why you are not able to comply with their requests without losing their respect. Maintaining their respect means next time they need you, they might come back with terms you can agree on.

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