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In the current era of Internet of things, Customers are now comfortable with searching the web to find answers to their needs or problems they are facing. They often expect an instant solution on any media and pertaining to any problem. This is the major cause that the customers are switching towards self-service options rather than the conventional services such as phone or email or in-person help desk service.

The main goal of self-service is to make things easier for both the customer (to find a solution) and customer service agents (to deflect information requests from assisted service). This new digital expectation translates to heightened pressure on companies to provide quality customer service that satisfies the modern customer’s demands. Customers prefer to use the self-service support rather than phone. They want to access your Document and Manual base, FAQ articles and Technical forums etc.

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Access to Knowledgebase

An Organization should maintain a Document database with documents such as User Manuals, FAQ articles, and Known issues etc. that should be easily accessible for the customers with appropriate authentication. The documents should have a proper index and search capabilities for easy navigation to the customer’s desired information.

Self-to-Assisted Escalation.

Self-service offerings such as IVR system in the phone, automatic reply by mail, supporting ticket and live chat options are an easy way to escalate the problems faced by the customers by themselves. This can also guide the customers by providing a step by step procedure to achieve resolution and eradicate the repeated mistakes.

Community forum

Creating an interactive community forum for customers will be an effective way to reduce support cost. Customers are able to get solutions for their issues from another customer who has faced a similar issue and get it resolved. Some customers may act as advocates for the brand if their experiences with the product are good.

Monitor social media

Your customers are on social media and likely enjoy interacting with your brand on these platforms. Social media facilitates for you to be proactive with your support. You can use these media to update customers on issues, monitor customer questions, and complaints and monitor your brand mentions.  There are some companies in the market dedicated to sharing information about bugs and other issues, product updates, features and integrations.

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Here are some benefits Faasthelp can bring to any company

            80% reduction in customer support and engagement costs

            40% reduction in support agent time

            3x increase in your customer visits and visit times

            Empowered customers with high satisfaction scores

            24/7 customer support cover

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