Purpose of Metrics in Helpdesk Support


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Metrics are used to drive improvements and help businesses focus their people and resources on what’s important. The range of metrics that companies can employ vary from those that are mandatory for legal, safety or contractual purposes – to those that track increases in efficiency, reductions in complaints, greater profits and better savings. Overall, metrics should reflect and support the various strategies for all aspects of the organization, including finance, marketing, competition, standards, or customer requirements and expectations. Metrics indicate the priorities of the company and provide a window on performance. Metrics is produced, not only to the business heads but also to the other stakeholders based on the categorized queries it has been generated.

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The following are the purpose of metrics in helpdesk support process

  • Metrics will allow the businesses to take decisions on their products.
  • To have a count of a number of incoming requests/tickets from the customer per week/month.
  • To allocate the resources with their corresponding skill sets and to optimize the resource utilization, based on the categories of incoming requests/queries.
  • To determine the overall efficiency of the supporting team by calculating the resolved tickets on an amount of time for the particular number of incoming tickets.
  • To evaluate the performance of individual support personals.
  • To find the gap in response and resolution time with respect to the service level agreements.
  • To get the list of backlogged tickets which are pending for a long time.
  • To get the number of tickets distribution towards the different categories of issues.
  • To get the customer satisfaction index with respect to each ticket.

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